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Gain A Holistic View Into Profitability With Pricing & Revenue Management

Reach the peak in revenue management, break down silos and attain 360° visibility

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Explore the most pivotal trends impacting your business: pricing and revenue management, collaboration, Gross-to-Net and accruals, emerging pricing trends and visibility in data science and analytics. Today’s Life Sciences industry is impacted by scrutiny over rising costs, innovative models that address pricing pressures, proving value and compliance with constant changes in regulations that require end-to-end transparency and audibility.

Unlock the path to reach the peak in Life Sciences revenue management by dismantling silos, validating and exploiting data and identifying the most profitable go-to-market strategies to satisfy stakeholders.

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Alejandra GaritonandiaHear from Alejandra Garitonandia, Industry Principal for Life Sciences at Vistex EMEA

Bob StellerAnd Bob Steller, Industry Principal for Life Sciences at Vistex North America

Benefit from real insight into these 5 trends and learn how to solve for the challenges you face with revenue management.

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The Life Sciences industry is dominated by contracted sales influenced by managed care and medical benefits managers, group purchasing organization and channel partners. While situations may vary in detail, key priorities are similar across geographies and revolve around automation, process integration, data insights and financial accuracy and visibility – with an aim to secure regulatory compliance, increase productivity and improve the effectiveness of go-to-market activities.

Now, your team can finally get end-to-end control of revenue management and true Gross-to-Net insight to make sure it all adds up to more growth, not just more costs.


Develop strategic and tactical pricing plans to optimize revenue and margin


Complete accrual capabilities from rate development and on-invoice GTN to financial postings and true-ups

Price Management, Guidance & Optimization

Streamline end-to-end price management process — from price planning to execution — aligning pricing models with sales strategies

Managed Care

Develop complex formulary and market share utilization for rebates, contracts and scrub and validate script-level inbound claims

Contract Authoring

Accelerate the contract process with templates and collaboration tools

Government Compliance

Automate the calculation of required government reportable pricing and manage government rebate programs with a preconfigured solution

Contract Management

Effectively manage direct and third-party contracts with on-invoice conditions, rebates, chargebacks, royalties and complex sales order promotions

Value-Based Contracting

Support unique pricing and reimbursement scenarios with non-traditional contract rules and data

Bids & Tenders

Manage tenders and bid responses from ingestion and analysis through award and execution

Configure Price Quote

Manage equipment configuration, multiple reimbursement models, compliance, revenue recognition, warranty and service contracts in one place


Gain insight into your profitability at the customer and product/brand level by capturing all elements of product and channel costs


Benefit from greater operational control, provide contextual and real-time strategic analytics with deep data insights to drive profitability

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Reach the peak in revenue management

Managing the complexities of pricing, commissions, chargebacks, rebates, royalties, contract authoring, loyalty programs and compliance through multiple source points prevent companies like yours from reaching the peak in revenue management. Are you prepared to handle the impact of miscalculations and missing data? We can help.

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