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Overcoming Wholesale Supply Chain Strain to Drive Revenue and Protect Margins

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Vistex for Wholesale Distribution

Learn more about the underlying trends dictating how you manage inventory, pricing, margins and more: Supply Chain Disruption, Price and Margin Management, Product Availability and Regulatory Requirements. As a wholesale distributor, your business challenges run the gamut from lost revenue and eroded margins to the inability to determine program profitability.

It's time to take an agile, flexible and forward-thinking approach that efficiently tracks and analyzes your purchasing agreements and incentives in conjunction with contract pricing, sales rebates and sales commission programs to ensure adequate buy- and sell-side margins.

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You need real-time insight into everything from inventory management and delivery to sales, billing and customer service.

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Truck and map routes

Strengthen your cost recovery programs, track purchasing agreements and incentives, and simplify your distribution processes. Your operating revenue comes from back-end supplier rebates and chargeback claims-based cost recoveries. Developing pricing and incentive programs helps you grow your sales and meet your targets.

Gain control of all your rebate, claim and pricing programs so they add up to more growth, not more costs.


Automate chargeback calculations and protect margins. Retrieve all eligible claims, SPAs, ship and debit, deviated pricing and/or depletion allowances.

Price Management

Quickly load pricing and change price points to automatically calculate and validate. Ensure accuracy for true gross-to-net profitability.

Bid/Contract Pricing

Automate the matching of sales and claims to planned spend and get eye-opening insights on program superstars and non-performers.

Co-op & MDF

Simplify Co-op & MDF program management with automatic claims creation, payment scheduling and reconciliation of funds claimed.

Customer Rebates

Drive revenue and profits with a clear view of customer rebates. Reward customers across product categories and automate calculations.


Manage complex special pricing and on-order programs for multiple products, categories and quantities. Automate eligibility, qualification and applicable deals at order entry.

Vendor Rebates

Capture complex vendor rebate details with ease and view all relevant vendor rebate parameters and calculations in real time.

Price Protection

Facilitate pricing agreements between suppliers and customers to ensure all parties are properly charged and compensated, claims are automated and purchase orders are updated.

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Achieve greater productivity and enhanced accuracy

Trends like Supply Chain Disruption, Price and Margin Management, Product Availability and Regulatory Requirements make it harder to achieve your profitability goals and ensure optimal outcomes.

How can you better manage inventory, pricing and margins while gaining control of all your rebate, claim and pricing programs? We can help.

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