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Strategies for Better Alignment Between Pricing and Sales Functions

Pricing in B2B sales is no longer simply about setting a price. It's about the pricing team working with sales to sign more deals, earn more profit, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

When pricing and sales functions work well together, align their processes and understand how their decisions affect each other, it leads to huge benefits for the company.

True collaboration means working together as partners to achieve important company goals.

This webinar explores powerful strategies to improve collaboration. We cover topics including:

  • Why Pricing should align with Sales processes
  • Solving common collaboration Problems
  • Starting better collaboration between the two teams
  • Getting more value from Salesforce


Claudia Carcia Cueto

Claudia Carcia Cueto

Senior Solution Advisor, Specialized in Pricing

Brian Sherry

Brian Sherry

Senior Pricing Advisor