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B2B Rebates are simply the cost of doing business, right?

Uncover 5 pointers for better b2b rebate program and incentives management

Let’s face it. No industry sells anything at full price. That genie is out of the bottle. The B2C expectation of sales and rebates went viral in the B2B world long ago. So how do manufacturers do rebates right when margins are tight? How do you create the right incentives to entice customers? How do you persuade and move a Tier 2 rebate customer into the Tier 1 slot? And how do you avoid losing your shirt in the process?

This new Vistex eBook, Rebates Are Simply a Cost of Doing Business, Right? dispels the myths of rebate assumptions. There are many schools of thought on rebates pervasive in the manufacturing industry today. This eBook helps you apply creativity and critical thinking to spark a thorough re-examination and innovation renaissance for your rebate management programs.

Your customers expect incentives – make them work for you

Whether a discount is offered at the point of sale or sometime after the sale, there is the underlying expectation that list price is merely the starting point. Paying full price or list price is a thing of the past. When every customer’s expectation is some form of incentive, have b2b rebate programs lost their magic? How do you flip the script? How do you make your rebates work for you, so you gain an added value and profits in return?

Don’t worry. We’re not suggesting that you simply cease to offer incentives to your channel partners. Instead, in this eBook we’re recommending that you get something better and more valuable in return for all of your generosity. You need to reframe rebates as the bridge to quid pro quo higher-quality business intelligence. And that’s intelligence that you can leverage for future planning and more importantly, for future profitability.

Download our new B2B eBook Rebates Are Simply a Cost of Doing Business, Right? now and gain the insights that help you make it all add up.


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