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CPG Sales and Operations: Are you prepared for the Annual Planning Process?

Annual planning…do the words make your head hurt a little bit? We all face challenges when it comes to the annual planning process. But, the question is, do you have 30 minutes to learn about ways to make this whole process just a little easier?

  • What if you could cut that time dramatically allowing for more analysis and strategy?
  • What if you could eliminate having duplicate plans in Excel and your trade promotion management (TPM) tool?
  • What if you could strategize instead of just running the same-as-last-year plan?

What if…you had a different option.

Join Joel Cartwright, Consumer industry expert, for a conversation to explore those what if’s and examine Vistex’s new capabilities for handling complex annual planning on a single application. We will discuss how the application provides flexible planning strategies for both retail and foodservices, eliminating the need for any external planning tools, and reducing the annual planning process dramatically. What if you could subtract errors, add revenue? Now it all adds up™.


Joel Cartwright

Industry Principal, Consumer Products at Vistex

Joel Cartwright specializes in Trade Promotion efficiency for CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) manufacturers. With more than 20 years of experience in Finance, Accounting and Sales Operations, Joel has worked for Sara Lee Foods US, Sunny Delight Beverage and Kimberly Clark. Joel has also spent the last 14 years focused on retail trade promotion software – including implementations, product management and support. He graduated with an MA in Business from Northern Kentucky University and a BA in Applied Science from the University of Cincinnati