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Direct-to-Consumer and other trends in the Media Industry

20 Years in Front in Rights & Royalties

The media industry has gone through recent changes that affect how you approach your business objectives and initiate new best practices to improve data management and improve revenue.

The days of single service cable networks are gone and many big players in the media industry are utilizing their own direct-to-consumer platforms. With that comes big challenges, including pricing fluctuations, streaming wars, and overcrowded markets. Compliance and consolidation are vital for your rights and royalties programs to be successful and staying on top of media consumer trends is important to give you a leg up on the competition.

Amos Biegun, Head of Rights & Royalties for Vistex takes an in depth look at the past, present and future of the media industry. Included in this informational overview of the media marketplace, we will find out:

  • Why companies prefer the direct to consumer model
  • What managing compliance in a single global environment looks like
  • How the direct-to-consumer philosophy affects businesses that manage rights and royalties in their platform

What is Cord Cutting?

The practice of cancelling a paid television subscription or landline phone connection in favor or an alternative internet-based or wireless service.

In this On-Demand webinar you’ll also learn about industry consolidation of the media industry over the past couple years, including deal mania from companies like Disney, Comcast and AT&T. What is cord cutting and emerging trends in light of the new streaming wars, including changing delivery models like Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) initiatives. What does this mean for consumers? What does this mean for you? Watch now and find out what’s next.

Vistex helps companies manage their complex system in one consolidated platform so you can have one single source of information. Your supply chain must be accurate and clear and Vistex is here to help.