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How to Create a Compelling Value Proposition for Partners

Having a diverse value proposition that is based on product, strength, profitability, support structures and business relationships allows partners to understand the working relationships and required investments by the channel partner team. Vendors realize they are competing for partner mindshare, and the best-of-the-best develop compelling value propositions displaying clear business cases for each individual partnership that demonstrate both qualitative and quantitative benefits.

Essential to creating a partner value proposition through a partner lens is to avoid making this an internal process without listening to and getting input from your partners or treating partner input as an afterthought. Best practices start with a blank slate and spending time with your partners who represent various business models and markets. Their answers are a critical part of creating a winning partner value proposition.

Once the value propositions role in partner relationships has been considered, it’s critical to craft something that is not only compelling, but relevant to everyone along the channel chain. Tailoring the pitch to your partners needs and making slight adjustments in contract negotiations can help to create an offer they can’t refuse. Small comprises bring big boots to partner sign ups.

When a vendor has effectively developed, communicated, and implemented a partner value proposition, the challenge then becomes how do you keep partners motivated to invest time and resources to proactively promote your solutions? This eBook explores how crafting a compelling partner value proposition can add up to increased partner engagement and satisfaction.