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How to win with analytics

Companies face challenges every day that affect their business: poor data quality, inaccurate reporting, revenue not meeting expectations, and manual operations – all issues that are time-consuming and cumbersome. Providing proof of impact and ROI amidst the rising complexities of global business operations is difficult enough, and without the right tools or accurate insights, nearly impossible.

Today, business demands the following:

  1. Analytics to be integrated with execution every step of the way
  2. Analytics to help drive tactical and strategic decisions

What if you have a significant number of customers at risk of turning away from your products or services? You need the alerts and recommendations to help you identify the problems before they happen.

Vistex helps you unleash the potential in your data to drive revenue and profitability through analytics that provide 360-degree insight into the complete customer lifecycle. We can help you make optimal recommendations for each business scenario and show you how you can achieve growth through analysis. Data science helps you segment your customers and identify patterns based on their historical patterns and behaviors. It also helps determine an end customer’s true willingness to pay and how much they are willing to pay. Vistex’s Vizi analytics platform provides the critical reporting and visualization capabilities that you need to see the numbers, see what works, and see what to do next. With Vistex, now it all adds up.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How capturing, monitoring, alerting, and optimizing data is valuable to your organization
  • How analytics help you determine how to stop revenue leaks with optimized pricing
  • How to drive solid growth and revenue through operational excellence and optimization
  • How to utilize Vistex analytics and modules
  • How to trust the data and have confidence in what you are seeing
Ramdas Pophale

Ramdas Pophale

Analytics Leader, Product Manager, and Data Scientist at Vistex