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Indirect Pricing Controls and Audit Governance

How Manufacturers and Distributor Partners work together to ensure pricing compliance

There are a variety of unique challenges for manufacturers and their wholesale distributors around direct pricing controls and governance – so, how do you ensure that you’re operating in a well governed pricing environment? How does a manufacturer handle external and internal audits with a focus on pricing? Where should I start when it comes to indirect pricing controls and trading partner data?

Listen to this podcast with pricing leaders, Mike Chen, Indirect Pricing and Audit Expert, and Scott Holmes, Business Architect, as they discuss critical issues for pricing controls and audit governance.

We will explore a variety of challenges, including:

  • What partner data should be validated as sales opportunities are created
  • How does a well governed environment rely on trading partner data for chargeback data, customer records, master data, price agreements, and other reports
  • Into warehouse pricinginto stock price, and meet comps – how in the world does a manufacturer take all these unique data points into consideration and still keep control of their pricing? (And throw large volumes of transactions on top of all that, and you’ve got a real mess on your hands!)

Don’t worry. Mike and Scott shed light on how you can successfully enforce a pricing strategy, even in consideration of so many pricing challenges.

If you are a finance professional in a manufacturing industry, this podcast is for you—but it’s not for the faint of heart! This power-packed 30 minutes examines Robinson-Patman Act and its effect on B2B pricing, addresses chargeback miscalculations, and discusses setting up risk assessment models to guide on who and how you audit. We also review how to evaluate your commercial policy and apply your audit program with a holistic, systematic approach. We wrap up with best practice insights and a look at who should be on your audit team, how to make audit announcements, perform sample requests, and report findings – particularly in today’s remote environment.


Scott Holmes

Business Architect – Consumer Products & Manufacturing at Vistex

Scott has over 15 years of CPG manufacturing trade and pricing experience with several Fortune 100 companies. These roles include audit, Trade Compliance Manager, Business Operations Manager, Global Governance Manager. As a highlight, Scott developed audit practices for a large manufacturer yielding millions in recoveries and cost savings while driving systematic controls.

Mike Chen

Indirect Pricing and Audit Expert

Mike has over 25 years of CPG manufacturing pricing experience with several Fortune 100 companies. These roles include audit, business operations management, and global indirect price audit. As a highlight, Mike created a Global Indirect Price Audit Organization for a large manufacturer yielding millions of dollars in recoveries and cost savings leveraging his vast experience