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Rebate Management

Effectively manage your business with Rebate Management

Rebate programs are powerful tools for gaining market share, boosting sales and recouping revenue. But if your programs are like most, they are difficult to manage, especially those with complex criteria. Most organizations manage rebates using spreadsheets – a 100% manual approach that is complicated, slow and mistake-prone. And with the rising sophistication of programs, inefficient processes inevitably lead to inaccurate accruals, unrealized earnings and inventory turnover and payout miscalculations.

With Vistex rebate management solution, your processes, accruals and calculations are automated, reducing error rates. Your rebate programs are what they are meant to be – a reliable, effective tactic for incenting sales, and for improving revenue, profitability and market share.

Rebate Management – Real Solutions, Real Benefits

  • Create rebates based on directed outcomes, not just sales and purchases
  • Generate and successfully manage any type of rebate, including multi-tiered and complex percentage sales-, growth- and other outcome- based programs
  • Gain full lifecycle visibility into multi-dimensional rebate programs
  • Automate accruals, calculations and rebate payments
  • Track and analyze the effectiveness of rebate programs in real time – and report results
  • Manage purchases and rebate thresholds, and offer incentives on when to make additional purchases
  • Forecast program and gross-to-net profitability with sophisticated modeling tools
  • View total rebate payout in one place

The Vistex Rebate Management solution allows you to focus more on business objectives, significantly improve B2B rebate program effectiveness, know how your partners are doing, discover and incent opportunities for extra sales and, ultimately, increase profitability. With Vistex, you have the time, visibility and tools to ensure that rebate programs drive performance.