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Breaking Down the Broken Supply Chain

What’s on the Horizon—Better Days or More Ships Stuck at Sea?

The global supply chain is plagued by raw material and labor shortages, jammed ports, transportation constraints, lingering impacts of the pandemic, and extreme weather—and problems may get worse before they get better.

The tangled supply chain has spurred inflation in the U.S. economy and impacted cost, quality, and delivery, frustrating buyers to no end. Demand has exceeded the supply of goods and materials, while also overwhelming the transportation system—from sea, land, and rail—dedicated to accommodating it.

These are proving to be interesting times, indeed. Now more than ever, wholesale distributors must be agile, flexible, and innovative with their strategies and data sharing, while also working in sync with manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers to develop breakthrough solutions that lead to profitable, scalable growth.

Don’t wait for consumer demand and supply chain chaos to ease on its own. Get started today on rethinking your entire supply chain strategy—from upstream to downstream.