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Can Future Trade Promotion Predicted Outcomes Become More Precise And Personalized?

Unlock the power of AI and Machine Learning for CP Trade Optimization Modeling

Watch this webinar to explore the transformative impact of AI and Machine Learning in Trade Optimization Modeling. In this webinar, you will discover how leaders in the CPG industry leverage AI to predict on-shelf product ranges, optimize price points, tailor deal offerings, monitor merchandising conditions, and forecast the sales of new products entering the market.

Dive into the advantages of AI in promotion planning for trade spend efficiency and also; a game-changer in supply chain optimization to meet customer demand. With analysis at a granular level that includes a multitude of data points (consumption, shopper behavior, social media and more) — learn to empower your business to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Don't miss this opportunity to evolve your approach to consumer product data science with AI for the most effective promotions.


Joel Cartwright

Joel Cartwright

Industry Principal, Consumer Products at Vistex