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Transforming to an Intelligent Enterprise through Integrated Promotion Planning

There are different trends and challenges on the market like changing consumer behaviors, generational waves or new digital innovations which make the current market situation more complex than ever. A lack of insight, high support costs and over and underpayment can be very challenging. Because of that and for other reasons around 70% of trade promotions fail to break even. Are you also facing the following pain points in your sales planning?

  • Cumbersome, manual & expensive program planning and administration
  • Lack of insight as to how spending drives ROI
  • Multiple sources of the truth due to multiple interfaces

An Integrated Promotion Planning can help you to be more effective in your business. Increase the effectiveness of your trade promotion strategies by taking control of your trade spend with a collaborative solution to plan and manage maximum ROI. Gain insights on promotional spend allowing meaningful promotion effectiveness reporting ensuring sales managers are armed with real time analytics to deliver the maximum competitive edge. Simultaneously it is crucial that the promotion tool is fully integrated into your supply chain to better drive logistics decisions and safeguard margins and stock shortages. Watch this on-demand webinar to get a quick guide of how your end-to-end process can be supported from planning to execution and from analysis to simulation. We will focus on those programs involving any the trade spend related to all on and off invoice bonuses agreed with partners for driving volumes, revenues and profitability. Learn more about:

  • The CPG Industry in general and Vistex End2End Management
  • Current Trends and Challenges
  • Your benefits through Integrated Promotion Planning
  • The 7 Steps of End-to-End Customer Annual Planning & Execution
  • Get a quick guide through the system


Farsad Ghafoor

Farsad Ghafoor

Vistex Sales Executive for UK/I and Davide Abis – Senior Solution Advisor