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Walking the Wholesale Distribution Value Chain Tightrope

Are you a Wholesale Distributor Getting Squeezed? This eBook Reveals Secrets to Profitability

Wholesale distributors everywhere are experiencing what you are right now. Manufacturers are escalating their demands thanks to their hyper-optimized, agile supply chains that enable them to sell more, faster, fueling their profitability. This means that you’re likely facing undue demands to keep pace with manufacturers’ lightning-fast output. And then there’s all the mergers, partnerships and industry consolidations increasing your orders. On the retail side, your big-box retailers are likely squeezing you with tighter deadlines and bigger orders. And how about those draconian fines and penalties for any order inaccuracies? It’s never been more challenging to be in the wholesale distribution business.

But…there’s a way to ensure this all adds up.

Maximize opportunities with your downstream partners

Achieve greater margins by exploiting your data

Reduce leaking profits and stem margin erosion

Gain an advantage by setting the right product mix