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Channel Management

Gain visibility into your programs and boost your bottom line

Channel Management
Channel Management Cycle

How does a lack of visibility into your programs affect your bottom line?

With the rapid pace of innovation and intense competition for market share, high tech companies must monitor program performance, drive demand and protect margins for critical revenue growth. Without full visibility, you open yourself up to fraudulent claims, payment errors, and profit leakage.

Vistex helps high tech companies improve profitability through automation of complex programs, insights into program performance, incentive calculation accuracy, overpayment avoidance, increased compliance, streamlined reimbursements, and better management of the entire revenue management lifecycle.

Ship & Debit

Increase channel revenue by ensuring SPAs are favorable and gain visibility into true profitability with contract analytics and automated claim validations.

Design Registration

Manage and track design opportunities throughout the lifecycle and ensure channel revenue with registered designs.

Co-op & MDF

Gain end-to-end program visibility to manage planning and funds allocation, track spend, claims and collections, and monitor approvals and performance.

Channel Rebates Programs

Accurately forecast, plan and track rebate programs and incentivize partner performance by tying rebates and promotions to measurable objectives.

Channel Rewards Programs

Drive engagement and increase mindshare–and sales–by cultivating meaningful loyalty of your best channel partners through targeted, personalized rewards options.

Channel Data Management

Make data-driven channel strategy decisions with a 360-degree view of your channel partners and their relationships and interactions with you.

Global Payment Programs

Make rapid, secure global payments, in over 135 currencies, while reducing operational costs and increasing payee satisfaction and engagement.

Price Protection

Administer programs and automatically validate partner claims against channel inventory. Safeguard margin when price reductions are initiated by trading partners.

Channel Inventory Tracking

Enable visibility into channel inventory by recording sales and capturing critical POS data from partners. Maintain inventory and track ownership, accrue, and accurately recognize revenue.

Evolving Trends in Channel Rebate Programs

Evolving Trends in Channel Rebate Programs

The world of channel incentives and rewards management is complex and constantly changing. Are you keeping up with it all? Do you have a rebates framework in place with a systematic approach to incentive plan design? Learn how to supercharge your rebate program.

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Platform Options

SAP Solutions Extensions

For SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Industry Cloud

As part of the enterprise management system, Vistex solutions run inside or alongside SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA offering an integrated system for easier management of complex incentive plans, providing a holistic view of all your programs.

Cloud Solutions for Any ERP

The power of Vistex available on the platform of your choice

Vistex offers a full suite of cloud-based products that integrate with any enterprise platform, providing centralized sales performance management and selective publication to an ERP system, and unprecedented visibility into all programs and performance.