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Now it all adds up for Antalis S.A.

Now it all adds up for
Antalis S.A.

Antalis promotions looked great on paper,
but even better with Vistex software




"The pricing option for SAP Data Maintenance for ERP by Vistex offers us a flexible, cost-effective solution that supports our focus on an omnichannel sales approach to increase customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty."

Laurent Atlani

MIS e-Business & SAP Manager, Antalis S.A.


Based in France, Antalis S.A. is the leading paper, packaging and visual communications wholesale distributor outside of the U.S. The company identified the need to target its B2B promotions more efficiently to increase conversion. The key challenge was creating deals for slow-moving and obsolete stock, improving e-commerce transactions through the Antalis website, and integrating promotions to match their omnichannel marketing strategy deployment.

Antalis sought a preconfigured solution to run omnichannel promotions smoothly to boost sales and consolidate its market leadership. They needed an automated, closed-loop system for their web sales to leverage business intelligence for improved customer relationship marketing and to enable omnichannel marketing strategies against the backdrop of their SAP ERP system. A key differentiator in the tool selection was enabling product managers to build promotions that leveraged market opportunities more easily.


Antalis deployed the Vistex Solutions for SAP, resolving many of their outstanding pain points. While the customer is on the phone or on the website, the available promotions are now automatically displayed and handled at the point of sale. It allows Antalis to organize promotions by customer segments, only displaying the active promotions that are matched to the right targets. Vistex set up 5 initial deal types: free gifts, free goods, prize draws, discounted prices, and bundle offers. During the pilot phase, Vistex teamed up with Antalis to take the solution further, proposing 2 additional capabilities: if the customer purchases a certain volume of a product over a certain time period, they can receive a free gift, or entry into a prize draw; when adding bundles, if the customer purchases 3 products, they receive the least expensive bundle free of charge.


Setting up promotions is now simplified, allowing Antalis to quickly launch any promotion at any time, eliminating the problem associated with limitations. Marketing professionals throughout the Antalis Group have new promotional capabilities with more agility to build creative offers, including vouchers.

Promotional costs are now easily accrued within SAP, and the promotional activity is reported automatically, using business intelligence. Based on the built-in KPI reports, the marketing team can easily identify which promotions are the most successful. Antalis was thrilled with the automated process that decreased the marketing department's deal management workload and enriched the marketing promotions campaigns. Direct benefits included insights into sales turnovers, and the stable, reliable performance of the software. Antalis also started to exploit more opportunities for pricing management within Solutions for SAP, using the tools for price uploads and price increases.


Antalis S.A.

Founded in 2000, Antalis S.A. is the result of mergers with 40 international distribution companies worldwide. Antalis leads in distributing paper, packaging and visual communication solutions for 115,000 customers and printers in 39 countries through its 117 distribution centers situated throughout the world. Antalis makes around 11,000 daily global deliveries and distributed 1.1 million tons of paper in 2019. .

Headquarters: Boulogne-Billancourt, France (Greater Paris)

Industry: Wholesale Distribution

Products: Paper, packaging, indoor and outdoor signage, point-of-sale advertising and decoration applications

Revenue: €2.1 billion in sales

Employees: 4,700 employees in 39 countries

Vistex solutions implemented:

Solutions for SAP

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