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Now it all adds up for Graybar

Now it all adds up for

Graybar gains big efficiencies in pricing speed
and accuracy. Vistex Solutions for SAP simplify
management of complex pricing.





"Projects that once took days now take only minutes to complete."

Paul Hoock

Business Technology Analyst, Pricing, Graybar


Pricing management is an enormous challenge for wholesale distributors, especially those dealing with complex variable pricing and proliferating product offerings.

But for Graybar, North America’s largest distributor of electrical, telecommunications and networking products, pricing is exceptionally complicated and difficult to manage. With nearly 729,000 SKUs and 670,000 customers, Graybar’s pricing staff maintains more than 2.8 million pricing condition records.

Graybar could not continue to use its existing system: Too many person-hours were required and each record had to be updated individually even when a change was across-the-board.


Graybar turned to Vistex to simplify management of its complex pricing environment. Vistex’s end-to-end pricing solution fully integrated data maintenance functionality within the core SAP ERP application.

Vistex Solutions for SAP provide complete visibility into pricing structures and processes. Intuitive functionality allows users to adjust prices quickly and easily. And Vistex offers the ability to execute mass pricing updates. All of which frees internal resources for other core tasks.


With Vistex Solutions for SAP, Graybar achieved a substantial return on its investment. The company improved its pricing processes, automated its pricing environment and added a number of critical efficiencies, including the ability to change pricing condition records using batch operations and group condition types into profiles.

These key capabilities, along with the new ability to search for unique suppliers at material or product level, accelerate the update process and increase the rate at which new pricing condition records are added to the database. In addition, a more efficient pricing environment resulted in Graybar being able to increase and extend the number of renegotiated customer contracts.

Also, with improved pricing speed and accuracy, Graybar is better positioned to keep pace with critical price-change deadlines and was able to reduce support staff dedicated to pricing maintenance by 60%.



Graybar is North America’s largest distributor of components and equipment for the electrical, telecommunications, networking, industrial, commercial and utilities industries.

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

Industry: Wholesale Distribution

Products: Electrical, communications and data equipment

Revenue: $6 billion

Locations: 260 worldwide

Employees: 8,600

Vistex solutions implemented:

Solutions for SAP

  - SAP Data Maintenance - Pricing