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Now it all adds up for Mediq

Now it all adds up for Mediq

Mediq streamlines healthcare
reimbursement processing




Mediq is a major player in the European healthcare industry, providing medical devices and associated care. A trusted partner for patients, care providers and insurers, the Netherlands-based company manages complex reimbursement processes with insurance companies and similar entities and holds leading market positions in 12 countries.

Geographical expansion and the launch of new business models were driving growth, but the limitations of Mediq’s legacy system were creating a significant drag on efficiency. The system lacked the scalability needed to support expansion; it demanded extensive manual labor and could not handle the growing complexity of insurer reimbursement rules. Mediq sought to centralize and harmonize processes by implementing a single instance of SAP ERP that would better support its expansion.


Mediq turned to Vistex Solutions for SAP for an integrated solution to streamline its complex pricing, claims and reimbursement processes. The main driver for complexity was the high number of variables determining price setting. The powerful, automated Vistex solutions are embedded inside SAP ERP with full access to its data, enabling Mediq to fully automate this process while maintaining flexibility.

Vistex Solutions for SAP have boosted Mediq’s ability to maintain prices, set sales order prices, capture complex insurer reimbursement rules, and reprocess rejected invoice lines. Vistex’s scalable solutions fully support Mediq’s expansion into new markets and regions in the direct business-to-patient market.


Vistex Solutions for SAP helped Mediq simplify complex chargeback processes and support the company’s management of total cost and care outcomes. By automating processes, the Vistex solutions have reduced manual activities and streamlined claims and rejection handling, lowering the rejection rate from 5-8% to just 2-3% of overall claims. Vistex enables a faster, traceable settlement process and provides Mediq with a single, centralized repository for managing pricing-related master data.

Mediq is better able to manage on-time billing and track rules, regulations, contracts and prescription requirements. Vistex provides better data quality and greater flexibility and transparency, improving Mediq’s ability to manage its complex pricing structures and better positioning the company to expand into new regions and service lines.


Mediq BV

Mediq is an international provider of medical devices and associated care. The company takes care of the delivery from supplier to patient via two distribution channels: directly to people’s homes, if needed, with the associated care, and via healthcare professionals such as hospitals.

Headquarters: De Meern, Netherlands 

Industry: Healthcare 

Products: Medical devices and associated care

Revenue: €1.4 billion 

Employees: 3,900 

Vistex solutions implemented:

Solutions for SAP

  - SAP Data Maintenance - Pricing

  - SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks