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Now it all adds up for Santa Margherita

Now it all adds up for
Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita finds the right balance
between flexibility, control and effectiveness
in managing sales conditions



"Vistex allows us to manage commercial conditions with full flexibility while keeping control of financial marginality."

Eugenio Morelli

IT Manager, Santa Margherita


Vistex was selected by Santa Margherita as part of a digital transformation program aimed at adopting SAP. Vistex was identified as the perfect solution to manage the main sales processes in a very complex scenario like the wine industry. The main challenges that Santa Margherita addressed with Vistex were related both to streamlining processes and managing better pricing conditions.

In addition, avoiding manual, time-consuming activities in the validation of sales conditions, reconciling data among different systems, and gaining full clarity on conditions at the customer and product level were some of the main objectives.


Santa Margherita implemented SAP Incentive Administration and Data Maintenance Pricing. With these modules, Santa Margherita is managing contracts, promotions and deals for 4 different sales channels. Both on-invoice and off-invoice conditions are fully managed with Vistex.

The native integration with SAP has simplified the architectural landscape avoiding any data interfaces and eliminating any need to reconcile data between SAP and other commercial systems. Vistex provided the right mix between the flexibility required to manage all the different promotional mechanics of modern and traditional trade and the need to track and control all the trade spending across all channels, clients and products.


Santa Margherita has been able to measure and identify benefits from the solution including:

Harmonizing sales conditions among different channels - modern trade, normal trade, export and ecommerce.
Automating the E2E process for promotions and contracts.
Providing real-time validation of all sales conditions for deals and campaigns.
Identifying the best-performing promotions with full visibility of net prices.
Drastically reducing all manual activities to manage and validate sales conditions.
Avoiding any data integration between SAP and Sales Solutions.


Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo is an Italian story of passion, hard work, values, and tradition that began in 1935 thanks to Count Gaetano Marzotto's vision of modern, efficient agricultural methods. Marzotto’s dream grew into one of Italy's leading wine producers, with brands like Santa Margherita, Kettmeir, Lamole di Lamole, Ca' del Bosco, Cà Maiol, and Cantina Mesa. In 2022, Roco Winery in Oregon, U.S., joined. Still family-owned, the Group sold over 27 million bottles in 2023 in more than 90 countries, for a turnover of 255 million euros, with a significant focus on Canada, Germany, and the USA.

Headquarters: Italy 

Industry: Food & Beverage

Products: Wines

Revenue: 255 million Euros in 2023

Locations: Italy & U.S.

Employees: 410

Vistex solutions implemented:

Solutions for SAP

  - SAP Incentive Administration

  - SAP Data Maintenance Pricing