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Grainger Boosts Management of Sales Compensation Plans

Vistex solution consolidates systems, slashes administration support needs.

Like many wholesale distribution companies, W.W. Grainger had multiple divisions independently managing multiple systems and multiple sales compensation plans. In addition, the maintenance of 3,000 sales rep compensation plans across the United States was labor intensive and included manual calculations, invoicing and reconciliation.

Grainger needed a more consistent and disciplined process, one that consolidated execution into one organization-wide system, and one that offered significant efficiencies as well as greater visibility and improved accuracy.

"Vistex has allowed us to integrate seamlessly with other SAP modules. This results in fewer manual steps, less human error and more consistent data."

Dee Anne Altenhoff - BSA

With a global SAP® environment already in place, Grainger selected Vistex Solutions for SAP to further leverage its SAP investment, maintain a single data repository and help keep TCO low. It was critically important to the organization to be able to create and execute its compensation plans inside SAP ERP. Implementation started with the formation of a team of Vistex experts, Grainger business users and Grainger IT staff. This group used a series of blueprinting workshops to determine and document the business requirements – and to develop a detailed implementation roadmap.

With Vistex Solutions for SAP, Grainger was able to combine its multiple sales compensation plans into one system, consolidate compensation data into a single repository, and integrate its processes with SAP ERP. The solution also enabled Grainger to automate core administrative functions, better follow standard accounting practices, and provide business users with increased control over plan management. In addition, the solution offered employees the ability to view their commission numbers via a web portal.

Perhaps the most important benefit was that Grainger was able to slash the number of hours required for sales compensation administration, cut manual effort by 72%, and continue to support its large sales compensation program with a significantly reduced headcount.

72% reduction in the manual effort of sales commission processing

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