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Trade Promotion Management

Drive profitable growth with trade promotion effectiveness

Channel Management
Are you efficiently deploying your trade spend?

Are you efficiently deploying your trade spend?

With a clear picture of all the trade activity deployed you will know if the money you are spending is driving incremental contribution. You want to deliver S&OP, create trade efficiency, and ultimately drive revenue growth management by utilizing the insights derived from analyzing promotion effectiveness.

Vistex provides tools for modeling, administering and analyzing your trade programs so you can make informed decisions about how to maximize their performance. And with an integrated, closed-loop trade promotion management system, you will have the ability to optimize account planning and manage pricing strategies, contracts, rebates, scanbacks, co-op funds, customer loyalty program rewards, commissions, and brokerage fees.

Headquarter Planning

With a clear view, the arduous and critical process of top-down planning becomes easier: rolling out volume targets to plan customers, defining trade spend budget targets to drive growth through available merchandising conditions, launching new items and getting new points of distribution. 

Account Planning

Account managers are able to optimize bottom-up account planning with the ability to analyze the prior year plan/promotion performance and collaboratively work with their accounts to build the plan.


With a claims management solution, paying for promotions on transactions reported in billback, scanback or chargeback claims is easier because the validation and reconciliation processes are automated. The retailer/distributor is reimbursed via payments, credits or deductions.

Event Analysis

Pre- and post-event analysis of merchandising conditions planned: forecasting and incremental volume to analyze lift percentage and ROI. Also, determine success by analyzing the retail execution/ACV percentage.

Promotion Execution

Trade spending control is critical; now you can create promotions to execute at a retail store level and upload store level data from a handheld source to manage direct store delivery businesses.

Trade Promotion Optimization

Predictive analytics allows you to enhance your volume, spend and sales forecasting for your merchandising conditions so you can become more efficient with your trade promotion dollars.

CPG Sales and Operations: Are you prepared for the Annual Planning Process?

CPG Sales and Operations: Are you prepared for the Annual Planning Process?

Join Joel Cartwright, Consumer industry expert, for a conversation to explore those what if’s and examine Vistex’s new capabilities for handling complex annual planning on a single application.

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Platform Options

SAP Solutions Extensions

For SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Industry Cloud

As part of the enterprise management system, Vistex solutions run inside or alongside SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA offering an integrated system for a closed-loop trade promotion management offering to plan, deploy, settle and analyze, providing a holistic view of all your programs. 

Cloud Solutions for Any ERP

The power of Vistex available on the platform of your choice

Vistex offers a full suite of cloud-based products that integrate with any enterprise platform, providing for a closed-loop trade promotion management offering to plan, deploy, settle and analyze for unprecedented visibility into all of your programs and their performance.